WIP Wednesday

I’m back home and ready for some (more) quarantining.  It took me a few days to get in the swing of being in my own apartment again.  Funny how that happens after extended time away.  Day one was unloading the car and showering.  Day two was opening the mail…Christmas cards!  Yay!  

A few more days went by, a bit more nesting, then I was ready to get into some serious knitting.  I started with a Finish-it February mindset and went for the low-hanging fruit, three shawls, I mostly knit on my trip.   Come back for FO Friday and I’ll have pics!  I visited a few yarn shops on my drive home.  I’m not quite ready to dive into my new stash acquisitions yet.  It’s a lovely pile though.  It’s gonna be good when I do. 


Instead, I’ve really been itching to make a sweater for myself.  I’m also feeling a little impatient about it so I cast on a bulky weight sweater.  So impatient, in fact, that I cast one without swatching. I think it’ll be okay.  I’ve actually knit this sweater twice before.  It’s none other than Outer Space by Stephen West. 


You may be asking, do I really need three of the same sweater?  The answer is, without a doubt, yes.  Especially because the one on the right was for my Mom.  And this is the ultimate lounge sweater.  I definitely need a second one.  I plan on doing some serious lounging this year. 

It’s been about 48 hours since I cast on.  I’ve already hit the first sleeve divide.  Yay for instant gratification.  Fingers crossed I’ll have the whole thing done in less than a week!  

There is one potential snag though.  I jumped into this project before actually figuring out if I have the yarn for it.  I’ve got the bulky yarn for the top of the sweater but the bottom calls for worsted.  I’m assuming I have something in a color that works in the appropriate yardage but until I get alllllll the yarn out and spread it alllllll over the apartment, there’s really no way to know.  

Yes, once I’ve spread yarn on every flat surface in my apartment, then it’ll really feel like I’m home!  It’s definitely time for a stash flash.  I think I’m overdue…I might have skipped it in 2020.  If you don’t hear from me for a week, just know, I’m happily buried.  


    1. FogKnits

      It is a really odd construction and it definitely takes a funny bit of wiggling to get it on just right. I didn’t think I’d love it nearly as much as I do. No chance I thought it would become a sweater I wanted to knit several times over!


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