FO Friday

Happy Friday!  At least, I think it’s Friday!  The calendar doesn’t have much meaning to me these days.  I’m still sheltering in place with my Nephew in Pennsylvania.  This means all my FOs have been for him in 2021! So far, he’s gotten a sweater and a new red blanket.  Red blankets are his favorite.  8A61E507-567D-45C9-A645-CD0B288FE75C

I’m pretty fond of this one, too.  The pattern is a freebie called Radiating Star.  This is now the third one I’ve made.  It’s the sort of pattern that looks more complicated than it is.  It looks fancy but it’s quite lovely to knit, not taxing at all.  Makes me think I might be the type to knit lace shawls, if they’re round. 

I added something like 20 extra rounds, to use the entirety of the yarn I had and I changed the bind off from plain to I-cord.  I gave it a steam blocking to kill the acrylic and I finished it off with a special tag because Marcus really loves tags! 

The finished sweater presented a few more challenges in the photography department.  It’s a basic top down raglan, no pattern, just kept trying it on as I went to get the perfect fit.  It really does fit perfect, with just enough extra length in the sleeves and body for growth!  Getting the wiggles out to take pictures is a nearly impossible task though. 

I was hoping to be on the road back to San Francisco by now but I’m waiting for a yarn delivery before I can leave, a sweater quantity of Catskill Merino! I’m really excited for this sweater…if only the package would arrive! If it takes long enough, Marcus might end up with another sweater…


  1. Olivia

    I know you said you didn’t use a pattern for Marcus sweater but don’t children’s sweaters always end up way too short? It seems I always have to add an inch or so and even then they ride up over the round belly. The sweater is beautiful by the way. Lucky kid, you’re going to miss him.

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