Work In Progress Wednesday: Nephew Sweater



I had a whole post typed out.  It was nice.  There were details.  There were a couple jokes.  Then stupid fucking wordpress blocks ate it.  I really hate this new format.  Are you listening wordpress??  I’m about done paying for this shit.  It’s so frustrating.  I’ve watched videos.  I’ve read tutorials.  These blocks are just annoying and seemingly provide no value to me.  ARRRRRGGGGHHHH.  

So, here’s some pretty knitting pics.  Maybe next week, you’ll get color commentary. 


  1. maryd1960

    Nice knitting! Hugs and nods of agreement re: WordPress blocks format. I’ve gone back to composing in an off-line text editor and pasting chunks into WordPress. Feels “Old School”, but it’s reliable and I rarely lose anything anymore.

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