Double FO Friday

When it rains, it pours! 

I’ve got two finished knits this week!  Fully finished…ends woven, blocked…the works!  It’s probably because we’re in the middle of yet another heat wave.  UGH.  Gross.  I want a do-over on Fogust.  We didn’t get nearly enough fog this summer.  Stoopid 2020.  At least the knitwear is good. 

First my Dissent Cowl. I’m looking forward to wearing this someday when it’s cool again.  It was fun to knit.  I’m down for the mosaic knitting trend these days. 

My other finish this week is the crochet shawl I’ve been working on, an Almond Shawl from Life is Cozy


I love the V shape.  It’s super wearable.  The pattern is great for people, like myself, who only dabble in crochet.  It’s all double crochets in various forms…the regular kind, the front post kind, a bit of V stitch and even a row of bobbles. 

Of course, I didn’t check my gauge so I ran out of yarn, naturally.  I couldn’t finish the last section so I just winged the edge with a quick row of scallops.  They’re just right.  Blocking was definitely important with this one.  It opened up the stitches a lot.  The fabric is perfectly light and lofty now. 

Pink is not my color, but I’m eyeballing my pile of green & blue scraps for a scrappy version.  I’m also eyeballing Stephen West’s ongoing Slipstravaganza MKAL.  I like it so far and I’m doing a bit of deep stash diving.  Something new will definitely be on my needles soon! 


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