FO Friday

t’s Friday! WOOOO! Also day 200 of San Francisco’s ‘shelter in place’ (in quotes because it people are mostly ignoring it), the smoke filled air is back and we’ve had our first October Surprise.

At least there’s still a bit of sanity left in sitting alone quietly and knitting.IMG_0933

I’ve finished a couple more hats and sent them off to my Nephew.  Maybe there will be a few chilly mornings so he can test them out.  Fingers crossed he likes them! 

As usual, they’re my version of ‘nothing fancy’.  The one on the right is just k2, p2 rib in alternating stripes. I used a self striping yarn and worked from both ends of the skein to get the color fade.  I don’t usually do crazy things like work from both ends of the skein but I managed to keep the yarn from becoming an unmanageable tangle.  Small victories and all that. 

The hat on the left is a bit more fancy but still, it’s just broken garter stitch. I figured the orange and black would be fun for Halloween.  I could have gone the classic pumpkin hat route but I’m not sure that would have stayed on his head.  

I managed to finish something for the gift basket myself too.  

The yarn here is Noro’s (sadly discontinued) Rainbow Roll.  It’s an unspun pencil rowing and it’s amazing!  I striped two colors together in a simple seed stitch and I couldn’t be more pleased.  It’s got the classic mish mosh of Noro colors, good and bad.  That just makes it all the more perfect!  Plus, it’s atypically soft for a Noro yarn.  I’ve been wearing it all week, despite afternoon temps in the 80’s (and the loose ends I haven’t dealt with yet…I’ll get around to them eventually)


Hope you’ve got relaxing weekend plans.  I’m planning a healthy dose of yarn therapy.  The end of the day can’t get here soon enough!  Happy Friday! 


    1. FogKnits

      I went to the stash and pulled the most colorful yarn I could find that day. It was at the peak of the smoke filled air when I needed a bit of a pick me up! It worked! I really enjoyed this bit of knitting!

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  1. Olivia

    That cowl is very pretty! Don’t worry, fog wil start rolling in soon, after all it’s October. Yeah the “Surprise” was going to happen eventually. I’m surprised it took so long however I’m not sure I believe it yet and that it isn’t a marketing ploy to get sympathy votes for a failing candidate cooked up by that lizardish guru in the west wing Stephen M. Something is definitely fishy about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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