My Favorite Nugget

I’ve got the cutest little nephew, Marcus. Perhaps you remember his Freddy Kreuger look or that time he wore a naughty sweater to visit Santa.

Then there was the time I knit him a sweater that was too big even a year later.

And who can forget his very first Auntie Em sweater? A Newborn Vertebrae that caused him to make this face…


It’s in that spirit, I bring you some pictures of my latest sweater, on my very favorite model…

I’ve been assured he’s upset because Mommy took her phone away, not because Auntie Em is a terrible knitter. Phew! I’m quite chuffed with this result. Not only does the sweater fit him, it fits him at the right time! This will be the perfect leaf peeping sweater when October rolls around. A nice fall outer layer. He’ll outgrow it just in time for his Christmas sweater to arrive. (I bought the yarn last week, so stayed tuned for that adventure!)

A few details, on my ravelry page: The pattern is Flax, from Tin Can Knits, an easy beginner pattern, great for first sweaters. The yarn is Classic Elite’s Liberty Wool, which has sadly been discontinued. It was a good kid-friendly, washable wool. If you see the last few balls on clearance somewhere, I recommend this yarn! I really liked it.

In an uncharacteristic fashion, the only modifications I made were to add length to the sleeves and length to the body. My Nephew is going to be a tall one. I have a feeling this will be a common modification as long as I knit for him. I probably could have gone longer here too…note to self: knit until it’s long enough, then knit another inch!

I can’t leave you with fussy baby pics though. Here’s some photographic proof that he’s the sweetest little boy!

Marcus was the lucky recipient of last week’s Rainbow Hat. He’s learning how to put a hat on, not just rip it off. This is a big development! I’m very excited to knit him more hats in the future!


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