work in progress wednesday: Advent Calendar


Fellow Knitters, I know 2020 has been loaded with distractions. Just in case you’re confused because March has, seemingly, not ended yet…It’s actually almost September. Holiday knitting plans should be happening now. At least, if you’re like me (easily distracted), they do!


In light of a recent calendar check, I’m finally doing it! This is the year I make my nephew an advent calendar. The details are sparse because I’m just making it up as I go. I’m starting with a crochet tree as the base. I used quarters as ornament stand-ins. It definitely needs to be bigger!


and so, bigger it shall be. This is the perfect application of crochet, this tree is about 2 hours of work. Maybe just a few more rows for good measure. A brown trunk should be easy to whip up. After that, I need to find some red felt to sew it too.

As for ornaments. Still lots of decisions to be made there. I think my Nephew will appreciate a matched set the most. His favorite color seems to be red so I should probably make red ornaments. I haven’t made that decision yet. I’m kinda feeling yellow stars. I dunno though, I probably need to buy yarn, which ever direction I go

I’m not rushing into anything,..I mean, it is, currently, still august. Consider yourself warned though…the holidays will be here before we know it!



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