FO Monday: End of the Rainbow

It’s the end of the rainbow (yarn).  There’s no pot of gold but I did get a sweet hat.


I’ll say what I always say here, it’s nothing fancy just a plain 2×2 ribbed hat.  There is one minor trick though.  Can you spot it before I tell you?


No purl bumps at the color changes!  Wooo!  It’s an extra bit of polish that is just lovely. The secret is kind of a DUH! moment. Here it is…If you don’t want purl bumps at the color change, simply don’t purl.

Really brilliant advice, right?  If only all knitting problems could be solved so easily.  This is a 2×2 ribbed hat…except for the first row of each color, which are rows of all knit sts.  In this case, it worked out to 1 row of knit every 6 or 7 ribbed rows.  That’s still more than enough ribbing to maintain the ribbed look throughout.  Easy Peasy!  Honestly, the hardest part of this trick is just remembering to do it.

The only drawback to this trick…it’s no longer a reversible hat.  Sticking a knit row up against a ribbed row does give you a slight ridge along the inside.  For some people, the whole point of a simple 2×2 ribbed pattern is to get a reversible hat.  For me, that didn’t matter.  I was just looking to use up the last bit of my rainbow.

In the end, I got two hats, a cowl and a sweet rainbow bag out of this kit.  (I was really just buying it for the rainbow tote bag it came in.)   I’d say I got my money’s worth.  The yarn is Spud & Chloe Sweater, the kit was essentially six balls that were each half skeins.

Now, I just need someone to remind me why 2/3s of my stash is fingering weight.  Spud & Chloe Sweater knits up at a lightning fast aran gauge.  Instant gratification on ‘big’ needles.  More of this please!!

While I swatch for a 4 st/inch sweater and mull over those choices, I’m making good progress on my Batad.  I’ve had both these yarns in my stash for several years, not sure why it took them so long to find each other.  I love my other Batads, but obviously, this one is a my favorite already.


I’m updating the cross stitch gallery too!  Lots of new additions so click on over and check those out!  My next series is going to be inspired by 80’s movies!  Stay tuned!



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