FO Friday: Rainbow Cowl


Rainbow Cowl success!  I finished this cowl just as I was thinking about spending some time in Golden Gate Park.  Rainbow cowl means I should probably take my rainbow bag too.  It wasn’t until I actually took this picture that I realized, oh yeah…I bought this yarn as a kit, that came in this bag.  LOL.  It’s all coming back to me now!


It turned out to be a gorgeous evening in the park, no wind at all!  Of course, that also means…no need for a cowl.  It’ll be perfect when the fog returns in a day or two though.



I started this project as my work meeting knitting.  One of the best things to come from the pandemic…knitting at work meetings!  It’s a no-go in person but in virtual meetings, oh yes, there is always knitting.

This project went so quickly quickly though, I barely had time to take it to work.  The yarn is Spud & Chloe Sweater, a 50/50 wool/cotton blend, that works up solidly in the aran range.  This was instant gratification knitting at it’s finest.

I didn’t follow a pattern, or even put much effort into this ‘design’.  The only bit of foresight I had was to use a provisional cast on so I could graft the ends seamlessly at the end.  I cast on 43 stitches because it seemed like enough on the needle and also, prime number.  After that, I knit as many rows as I felt like and then started some short row stripes.  I did my short row turns in intervals of 5, just because.   Then I knit a few more rows and started the next series of short row stripes to square the fabric up again.

If you’re a garter stripe purist, having the color change on alternating sides of the fabric is probably making you a little crazy.  I’m not that person though.  Plus, the patterning in this fashion means it’s reversible!  Wooo!  Not to mention, everything comes into fashion at some point.  Having the purls bumps show is bound to be trendy again soon.  I’ll be ready!

I think this weekend, it’s time to get serious about my next sweater.  I’ve pulled some yarn from the stash…inspired by the cowl, it’s in the aran range again.  Instant gratification please & thank you!  Stay tuned for swatching!!




  1. Olivia

    Best line in post “..also because it’s a prime number” 😂 Such a fun read and wow Golden Gate Park looks lush. Glad you finally got out of your apartment! Now the sweater yarn, I Am Swooning. Those are your colors for sure and it looks heavenly.

    Liked by 1 person

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