Happy Birthday, Mom!


As it happens every year, not only is today Mom’s birthday, it’s also the FogKnits Blog 4th Anniversary!  I’m still quite pleased that I thought about this overlap in the beginning.  I’ve always got an FO post for the blog-iversary.  It’s another project with a flower.  If there’s one thing Mom likes it’s hats with flowers!


This was a fun one! The yarn is Noro’s Rainbow Roll…aka a thick, fluffy, pencil roving.  It can be delicate and break easily so it’s not for everyone but I really love this yarn!

The pattern is Cameron’s Cap.  It’s been one of my favorites for years.  It’s a bottom up hat with a few quick short rows added to create the little ear flaps!  Perfect for winter!


The flower is a common embroidery flower.  I’m sure someone out there has a name for it but it ain’t me, babe!  I’m really pleased with it though.  And because it’s pencil roving, it’s not heavy or burdensome on the hat.  That’s always a concern when attaching a big flower.

If I had more time, I’d share a retrospective of hats with flowers or maybe give you some blog stats.  Instead you get pics of science shit.  I got right back into it on day one!  Turns out it’s like riding a bike…


And with that, I’m out the door for work.  Those electrons won’t manipulate themselves!  Happy Hump Day and Happy Birthday Mom!



    1. FogKnits

      I’m an organic chemist. It’s fun in theory but at the end of the day, it’s just a job :) Fortunately, I hit the ground running on this one. It’s actually a return to a company I contracted with back in 2017. It really helps to know all the people, policies and equipment before hand :)


  1. Olivia

    Dying to know what you do with electrons. My daughter got her degree in Physics and is in her last semester of grad school for Aerospace Engineering. She’s currently working on a project in research that calculates turbulence in combustion. She inspired me to take on Quantum Mechanics. Just reading and studying it for fun. I’ve actually been interested in particle physics since we too her to visit CERN when she was 11 yrs old. I’m fascinated how electrons work.


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