2019 Stash Flash

It’s time for the annual stash flash!  It’s part of my continuing effort to remind myself, I don’t need to buy yarn this year!

I started with last year’s photo, taken about this time in January and redacted everything I used up during the year.  I’m afraid I didn’t do so well.  There is plenty of great stuff left in last year’s pile.  Clearly, I’m not running out yarn anytime soon.


The stash definitely grew in 2018.  I started with just the new additions.  They’re pretty manageable.  Yarns my Mom dyed.  Yarns from Vogue Knitting Live.  Yarns from Stitches.  Yarns from my southwest trip.  Lopi gifted from a friend.  I definitely had a particular color palate in mind.


And then, shit got real.  I added my deep stash to the pile.


Everything is now stacked 3+ deep.  It’s a bit deceptive but trust me, it’s plenty of yarn for the year.

Someone tell Marie Kondo not to worry her pretty little head about it though. I checked…every single skein sparks joy.  That trend continues.  This all amazing yarn.  Some of this years best additions are a sweater quantity of Swans Island Sport and an awesome gradient speckle kit from Neighborhood Fiber Company.

Of course, all this old stuff is still pretty amazing too.  Quince, YOTH, Road to China lite…all untouched since last year.   And of course, my lopi stash…I’ve got a lopi sweater on the needles, so at least some of it’s finally getting some love.

This year, I’m serious about it all…cold sheeping and some serious stash busting!  I want to put a serious dent in these photos!

So far so good, I went into a yarn shop yesterday and came out with no new yarn.  It’s totally possible!

First up, a new sweater and finishing off the current shawl in progress!  3 Day weekend + Rain…I’ve got no excuses!!  Happy Friday Gang!  Hope you all get some good stashbusting in this weekend!



  1. Missy's Crafty Mess

    Love your stash! Too funny I just finished calculating my inventory! 126,112.8 yards or just under 72 miles of yarn. It should take me about 3 1/2 years to use it if I keep the same pace

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    1. FogKnits

      I used to keep track of how much I knit, I think the last year I did it, I was around 15 miles of yarn. I’ve never been good at keeping an electronic list of stash though. I imagine I’ve got more than 3 years of yarn.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. FogKnits

        That’s one of the only Ravelry features I don’t use. I got sick of people trying to buy my yarn when it was not marked as for FSOT. It would be one thing if they were interested in paying for it, but the idea that you can message someone randomly and demand they give you a deal on their ‘used’ yarn. I just couldn’t take it anymore. :)

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      2. FogKnits

        Yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous. It was never one skein in particular. Just a weird smattering of stuff and it seems that the people who shop stashes are pretty demanding of a good deal so I just don’t bother putting my stash up.

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  2. Pamela Boxall

    Love your stash, it must be like living in a yarn shop! Although I have some yarn put away “for a rainy day”, the best words to describe my stash are “meagre” and “paltry”. In my personal stash I have two sweater quantities, both part of works in progress, one skein of sock yarn, a dozen mini skeins to make a cowl, a variety of balls of Shetland wool waiting for a knit with a Fairisle pattern, some Habu which takes up so hardly any room and should be in everyone’s stash, and a random couple of skeins of yarn dyed with indigo which I can’t decide about. Then there’s my “business” stash which I think it is fair not to count!

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