Ribbit, Ribbit.


I could spend this time telling you about the cute little raglan pullover I started for my nephew.  It’s fall, that means tweed time.

I could rant against the designer who called it a ‘simple raglan’ but then used a highly modified version of raglan increases.  Only a problem because the pattern is so jumbled with other useless information like this gem ‘NOTE:  sl markers as you come to them’ that I didn’t bother to read the actual pattern.   The 9 other ‘NOTES’ about things such as the definition of work even and the fact that this is a top down pullover cluttered the page to the point that I didn’t bother reading any of it, until it was too late.

Sure, it might be my fault for not reading it, and subsequently assuming that a simple raglan meant 8 increases, every other row.  Obviously, I should have read the pattern and discovered that the author meant for me to do 12 increases every 3rd row with twice as many increases going into the sleeves.  On a different day, I’d be pretty annoyed with that convoluted bullshit being called ‘raglan shaping’.

That’s not actually my problem today, though.  Today’s problem is stupid wordpress.  Anyone else having a heckuva time getting photos to display in the editor properly?  I’ve been having trouble with my account for a couple weeks now.   The photos just aren’t loading properly when I need them too.  I suspect it’s because I’m at 90% capacity for my photo storage.  I can upload photos no problem but getting them from the upload stage to the posted stage is driving me crazy.

I’ll start a draft of a post, return to it a few hours later and the photos, while still in the post as they should be, just don’t appear.  Unsure if a picture is where I want it, I’ll return later hoping it shows up…sometimes it does, sometimes I’ll have to fight with it for another hour to get it to work.

I like to post a lot of photos and I use the mosaic arrangement a lot.  That’s pretty dependent on being able to see the photos.

It’s incredibly frustrating and it certainly doesn’t inspire confidence when it comes to giving wordpress more money to upgrade my account to the unlimited plan.   I’ve tried avoiding high traffic internet times, hoping that would make it easier for photos to appear as they should but nothing seems to be helping.

I’d contact wordpress help, but have you ever tried to email them?  They aren’t exactly helpful.  It seems like they copy & paste useless info that I could have found myself in the help files.  And given the email nature of it, it’s not exactly rapid communication.

So, dear readers, I turn to you, anybody have difficulty with photos appearing in the editor?  Can anyone confirm my suspicions that it’s due to being near capacity?  Anybody upgraded to the unlimited storage plan care to speak highly about it?

In the meantime, I’ll be sulking in the corner and ripping out my sweater progress.



  1. Tracy

    Unfortunately I have no information on how to fix the photo problem. I use the free program, and almost never post photos. I have heard that others have to delete photos from previous posts to add new ones though.
    I do enjoy seeing your projects, so hopefully you can keep posting the way you do.

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  2. AJ

    I am at my limit and yes I have problems getting photos to show up. Most of the time it appears the photo is there, but then when I go back and see my blog posts it says upload failed:(
    I’ve been contemplating getting a paid account to deal with this, but don’t really want to have to keep paying more

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  3. Missy's Crafty Mess

    I’m having issues with photos too and I’m at 30% so I don’t believe that’s your problem. I’m sorry about the raglan increases too. I like simple easy to read patterns. Short, sweet, and straight to the point!

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  4. bonnyknits

    Yep, I’ve been having some problems. But I’ve mostly been having issues adding photos from my Google account, which is a new problem for me. I’m not close to my limit, so that’s not it. Hope you find a good resolution!

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    1. FogKnits

      LOL. Interesting that we’re all having different sorts of issues. A guy I used to work with had the perfect explanation for all these types of problems…google, microsoft, etc have hired all the best programmers, there’s no one left for (insert whatever product we were complaining about at the time). It’s a cynical view, but one I’m inclined to believe.

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  5. knitsbywhit

    Here I thought it was because I live in China and the internet did not really want to support WordPress. I agree the photo loading is very slow. If you find a solution or hear from wordpress let us know!


    1. FogKnits

      Clearing my cache and all that jazz helped a little. I’m pretty bad at doing that so it had been a long time. I also went for the upgrade when they did a 20% off flash sale, that also helped a little.

      it’s still not working reliably but it’s better. Seems like we’re probably stuck with a buggy platform. :(

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  6. Olivia

    I would probably have more issues if I actually spent the time to put a post together. Instead I’ve been knitting and finish a blanket in 2 1/2 weeks! OK it was pretty large yard and size 8 needles but still… LOL

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