It’s time!  Vogue Knitting Live is finally here.  Nearly a decade after Vogue started hosting these events, San Francisco is getting it’s weekend.  Woooo!


And I’m ready…my homework is officially done!  Blocked, ends woven…the whole shebang.  I’m taking Franklin Habits steek & zipper class.  No chance I’d show up to meet Franklin Habit with unblocked homework?!?  I’ve done both zippers and steeks successfully, so it won’t be anything new to me but I’m hoping to pick up some finesse from Franklin.  He’s a detail oriented fellow, known for recreating intricate vintage knits.  He’s got an interesting blog, hopefully one day he revives it.

I’m looking forward to his class.  It seems like everyone loves him so the bar is set high!  I’ll also be attending a sheep to skein talk by Clara Parkes.  She’s no slouch herself…as the author of the Knitter’s Book of Wool (among many other’s), she’s clearly an expert.  I have a feeling she’s not going to disappoint either.

Now that my homework is done, I feel deadline-free for the first time in nearly a month!  I can knit anything I want!  Wooooo!  I’d like to finish my Dragon Fade shawl, but it’s huge at this point.


I’m 60 rows or so from the end.  I really want to finish it but it’s become a bit of a wrestling match.  Two balls of yarn attached, all the unwoven ends, the 8 feet of fabric attached to the needles.  I need to leave it at home.   It’s too much.   I’m ready for something new.

This time I reached for the bag of cashmere.  I’ve got some 100% cashmere, DK weight, from Noro.  A single fiber and a single color…very unusual for a Noro yarn.  I’m messing around with a swatch, I’ve got a few other cashmeres I could add in.  Ultimately, I’m heading towards a cowl, inspired by the 3-Color Cashmere Cowl.  I’m changing the gauge and I expect I’ll make some other modifications along the way.

It should be the perfect convention knitting!  Bring on the weekend and VKL!  Woo!


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