A Friday Finish!


I finally finished knitting something!  It’s a Hitchhiker.

I could tell you (again) how the Hitchhiker is the best scarf pattern ever.  I could tell you I love the color.  I could tell you about manually striping a solid and variegated yarn to break up the pooling even more.


I could tell you how happy I am to have frogged this yarn from a different project to reclaim it for one.  I could sing the praises of neon green.  I could tell you it’s perfect timing because Fogust is arriving in style, it’s super foggy this week.


I could tell you it took me 15 movies to knit this.  I could even give you reviews of those movies.

Unfortunately, I’m short on time, heading to another movie.  With no knitting?!?  For my next trick, I will be crocheting in the dark!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

12 thoughts on “A Friday Finish!

    1. So, now that I’ve double checked on my needle size, even I’m a bit surprised at how loose my gauge was. I used a US 3 needle for this. The yarn is a sock yarn. This is why I’ll don’t knit socks!


    1. Is ‘Frogged’ the part you question? Tearing out a work in progress is called Frogging it. Because when you rip it out, you sound like a frog. rippit rippit *ribbit ribbit* Somehow, this delightful pun has become common knitting language! :)


      1. I striped a variegated with a solid…so I really just spread the variegation out a bit extra. I’m happy with how it turned out, lots of neon green! I’m not getting lost in a crowd!


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