Saturday Linkage

I’m off to my first Maker Faire today.  I’m volunteering to teach knitting in the NeedleArts Zone.  With the exception of the giant crowd, I’m looking forward to it!

In the meantime, here’s a few fiber related videos to keep you entertained!

Some super cute border collies meeting sheep for the first time…

It’s pretty amazing to see how instinctual herding behavior is.

This one is a bit longer but definitely worth a few minutes.  It’s a gorgeous short documentary about the sustainability of wool and what it means to the fashion supply chain.

New Zealand and Tasmania are definitely dream vacations for me.  Some day…

One Comment

  1. salpal1

    Hope you had fun teaching knitting!

    I watched the border collie video because my mom used to have them, and I love to watch the trials around here at the local fairs. That was so cute! The sheep will run even from the babies, how dunny!


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