Road Trip


Next week, I’m going to Vegas.  The trip was planned earlier in the year to coincide with some 40th birthdays and a music festival.   My funemployment status made the choice to drive a no brainer.  It, also, meant I didn’t have to make any real decisions yet.

A few weeks later, it was discovered that an east coast friend will be arriving in Vegas for a conference, just as the music festival friends are leaving.  Of course, I’ll extend my trip a few days.   I was so happy I hadn’t done something set in stone, like buy a plane ticket!

I was thinking of taking the long way home anyhow.  Then this week, a little seed got planted into my brain.  Roswell.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.44.49 AM

I mean, why not?  I missed it the last time I drove cross-country.   It’s an awful long way to drive for a bit of novelty.  I’m not a serious tinfoil type but I’ll be back to work soon enough, might as well have a little fun.

With that in mind, I pinged a friend in Dallas because, relatively speaking…I’ll be close.  Much to my surprise, the answer I got was a weekend tailor made for me.  My favorite band, that isn’t part of the festival in Vegas, will be in Dallas.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.41.08 AM

Suddenly my crazy idea, seemed like a really FUN crazy idea!  An hour later, it seemed completely ridiculous.  An hour later, it was definitely happening.  An hour later, there was absolutely no way it was possible.  An hour later, I was kicking myself for not doing it….and it hadn’t even happened yet!  This cycle of YES – NO! – YES!!  has continued ever since.   Decisions still haven’t been made.

I have started doing some research though.  I’ve found a brand new and seemingly great yarn shop in Bakersfield to visit and of course, there’s Sin City Yarns to visit in Vegas.  I’ve found some ghost towns and state parks.  I’ve located the section of Route 66 that plays America the Beautiful in New Mexico.  So I’ve got some options!

I need your suggestions though, anybody have a not to be missed yarn shop?  I’m not at all committed to that blue line that google drew so feel free to suggest anything southwesty!  Sedona, Flagstaff and Albuquerque are all possibilities.   Breaking Bad tour of ABQ?  Might need to research that one!

I leave Tuesday, and it seems like this may turn into a 3 week excursion!  Yarn shops, roadside attractions, great eats, scenic pieces of road…I’m open to all of your suggestions!  Let me have ’em…



    1. FogKnits

      Interesting, I didn’t know Las Vegas, NM was even a place. I’m beginning to think I’ll skip the far eastern trek to Dallas and stick around NM more. I’ve only passed through ABQ so plenty of exploring to do and Santa Fe as well.


  1. salpal1

    That looks fun, definitely do it!!! As for yarn shops, in addition to Ravelry there is an app, Yarn Places, that might help. Be warned though I have found that some of the ones listed have closed.

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    1. FogKnits

      Yup, heard that! Yarn shops definitely require research! On a previous cross country drive…San Francisco to Key West (and back!) I only managed one yarn shop. Every other shop I passed was closed at the time. And of course there’s the places that were closed entirely.

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      1. salpal1

        Which is so sad, with this huge knitting and spinning community that Ravelry has created, that we can’t support our LYS enough to keep them open.

        Wherever you are on 4/21 I hope you can find a shop, it is the first LYS day.


  2. quietwatercraft

    I wish I could help, but considering the grand total of my US travels is 3 days in Atlanta I shall just sit back and watch to see where you go. Living in little old Britain, the thought of driving anywhere for 27 hours without going into the sea seems magical to me. What a big country you have to choose from!

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