It’s Bill Murray Friday!

It’s Bill Murray Day!  My new Bill Murray vest is done and I’m excited about it!!

But first…all of the non-Bill Murray happenings since the last update.   Knitting in public, cross stitching, new yarn and a fun new monogrammed project bag.

These things are each interesting in their own right but alas, there is only time for one today!

It’s Bill Murray Day!!!!

The Bill Murray sweater is done!  and it’s AMAZING!

I mean, this IS exactly what I set out to do…and it worked.  Even I’m impressed with this one.

I didn’t check gauge or do any math.  I used a weird hodgepodge of yarns that varied from fingering to aran weight.

I set out with a loose plan and this is what happened…


It’s not that I doubt my skill.  This was just a particularly out there idea.  Every part of it was slightly ridiculous.  I’m gonna knit a portrait of Bill Murray is one thing. (Check out that process HERE)


I’m gonna turn it into a sweater, is a whoooooooole different story.   Especially considering that it’s a bit fashionable.  AND I like it.   I didn’t expect to really like what I’d done.  I’m gonna wear this everywhere!!

I’m especially pleased with the high-low hem bit.


Someone from my knitting group suggested it.  I thought about it for a while.  I even drew pictures of it but decided it wasn’t for me, too trendy.  When I got to a certain point though, it just felt like the thing to do, so I did it.   Turns out, I love it!


It also turns out, it’s incredibly awkward to photography and model at the same time.  And the December lighting situation didn’t help me out.

It’s okay.  I’ll get a better photo tonight when my Bill Murray meets the real Bill Murray!  Wouldn’t that be funny?  I’m not expecting it to happen but both Bill Murrays will be in the same room at the same time tomorrow so anything is possible?!?  It’s a big room, I’ll be way in the back, upstairs in the balcony even.  Still anything is possible.



I’ll let you know what I think of the show tomorrow :)   Happy Bill Murray Friday!



  1. spintounwind

    Oh well done! It looks absolutely great, and you look great in it. Fantastic job – what a shame the evening didn’t live up to all your hard work and anticipation. Still, you’ll always have the sweater…

    Liked by 1 person

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