The Recrafting Company


We’ve lost quite a few yarn shops in the bay area over the past couple years.  We have been fortunate enough to get a whole bunch of new shops in that time though!  I’m slowly getting around to visiting them all!

This weekend I visited The ReCrafting Company in Alameda.


It’s a crafting consignment store!  What a brilliant idea!  The shop has ALLLLLLL the crafts.  Yarn, beads, fabric, books, rubber stamps and notions of all kinds…you name it, they had it!  All your crafting obsessions in one place!!

and the best part:  Amazing prices on all of it!

Socks that Rock — $12.  Sanguine Gryphon — $14.  Koigu KPPPM — $7.50.  I’m not sure how I managed it but somehow I did not buy yarn.  I bought a couple embroidery hoops for my cross stitches instead.

And, I wanted to try out the consignment process so I took some of my yarn to be sold.  So far, the process has been easy.  I just filled out a sheet with contact information.   Now we just wait for my yarn to be sold.  I’ve got 90 days.   After that, if it hasn’t sold I need to go collect it, or it will be donated.  Fair enough.


I actually don’t think I’ll consign much yarn but I wanted to give it a try just to say I’d given it a try.  Once a yarn has sold, the shop and the consigner split the money 50-50.  With items being priced to sell, it’s not unreasonable to expect only 25% of retail value of items to be recouped.

I think I like my yarn more than 25% of retail value.  It’s gonna take a while, but I will get to it all!  I’m happy other people want to part with their yarn though!

I figure when I go back to pick up the proceeds of my consignment, I can spend that money on new yarn!  I think I’ll probably get enough for 2-3 balls of new yarn, or at least new to me.

The book selection was great too!  Lots of great books for $7.50.  At that price, I don’t mind buying a book for just one pattern!  You could even take it back for re-consignment when you’re done with it!  Yay for crafty recycling!

My only complaint about the place…Alameda is too far away for me to stop in regularly.  Weekend traffic meant it took an hour to drive 15 miles.  Booo traffic.   The way stock rotates means you never know what gems are in stock.  If the ReCrafting Co was just down the street, I’d stop in all the time!



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