The Royal Bee – A New LYS


I saw a thread on Ravlery ‘new yarn shop in pacifica’.  Yes Please!  Knowing nothing more than yesterday was the soft opening, I set out!  I haven’t had a spontaneous stash enhancement in a couple months!

It’s funny to read the old post and see that my decision was guided by parking.  I pulled up to Royal Bee yesterday completely in love with the PARKING LOT.  I couldn’t wait to take a picture of it!  ha ha.


Rows of FREE PARKING!  Can you tell I live in the city?  Free parking is all it takes!  LOL!   So Royal Bee gets two thumbs up already!


Once inside, the delights continued!  The beehive themed yarn wall is so pretty!  If I lived in a house with lots of wall space, I’d love to display my yarn like this!  Lots of interesting yarns here…some Rowan, a bunch of Skacel like Kenzie and Simplicity and HiKoo.  Yarns I know of but haven’t used.  A variety of fibers, colors, weights.  There was a bunch of sock yarn too.

I chatted with Kelley, the owner, a bit.  She’s super and definitely interested in recommendations.  My first suggestion was local yarns so I can’t wait to go back after the grand opening and see how the shop evolves.  (August 16th, details are here, if anyone wants them!)

It’s a poly-stitchual kinda place, with a really cute selection of fabrics and notions and whatnots.

And Rainbow Elastic!!  I love that stuff!  I use it in hats all the time!  It takes the worry out of stretch & fit.  Look at all those colors!  There were even more too.  I can’t wait for my next hat binge, which is due at any moment.  I know where to find the perfect Rainbow Elastic now!


I picked up a couple balls of Llamor, 100% baby llama.  It’s so soft…perfect for cozy winter hats or August in Pacifica.

The best part of my purchase though, hands down, is the snarky cross stitch kits!  I couldn’t resist.  I finished the first one already.


Not only have I finally figured out French Knots but this new fangled cross stitch kit innovation blew my mind:



The strands are held secure on the back so you just snip off a strand as you need it!  I love it!  I’ve started my second design already.  No sorting colors and wondering if I’ve labeled them right.  This little tag makes it so easy!


I may have to redecorate my bathroom with snarky cross stitch now.  Assuming I can make the finishing work.  As much as I’ve cross stitched, I’ve never finished anything in the hoop.  The instructions involve cutting the excess aida away and installing a running thread.

I know what all those words mean.  How hard can it be?  Wish me luck!



  1. nothingbutknit2

    That new shop looks like so much fun! I love their bee hive wall.
    The snarky cross stitch kits are so fun. My daughter has seen patterns on Pinterest. Framing in a hoop isn’t hard. The key is to pull the cloth tight enough and then tighten the screw as much as possible without breaking the hoop. How you finish the back doesn’t really matter. I’ve seen them cut close and glued to the hoop.

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  2. gladeridercrafts

    Word to the wise about finishing hoops- don’t cut the aida too close the first time around- you can always trim it more after the running stitch and gathering :) Or completely cheat and glue felt to the back of the hoop (after gathering the excess aida)- this means that the back of the hoop won’t hurt the wall it’s hangng from. No comment on how much the hoop would scratch if you don’t use felt, I’ve never tried. Probably not that much!

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    1. FogKnits

      I thought about how to finish the back. Felt is a good idea.

      The suggestion for finishing was take the piece out of the hoop, use the hoop to trace a circle, cut it out, replace the hoop. I think I may leave it in the hoop to cut it, that assures I don’t make a mistake cutting. At least not a big mistake!

      I think it also depends on if I’m keeping or gifting. I think the second design I’m working on may go to a friend. I’ll finish that one nicer. The one I keep will be the practice. :)


    1. FogKnits

      I think I had friends who lived in the building on the top of that hill :) Hadn’t thought about them in a decade until I saw the hill in the photo. I was so fixated on yarn, I didn’t even realize it as I stood there and looked at it!

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