It Worked! 

Motivational M&Ms work!!  A little determination probably didn’t hurt either! 

I sat down to weave ends and 45 minutes later, I’d done 2/3s of my 100 ends! 

Look at all those ends!  Who knew cutting yarn into tiny bits and making a pile could be so satisfying!?!  

Fingers crossed that I can ride this high right on through to the end of the weaving! The end is in sight!  It should be rather painless! 


  1. polwygle

    What do you with your snipped ends? I’ve been tying them together and winding them into a ball with the thought that someday I will make a felted dryer ball. Sometimes that’s enough motivation for me to finish the project.

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    1. FogKnits

      I’m saving them up for a christmas ornament. Instead of knitting a christmas ball, I’m going to get one that’s clear glass and stuff all my ends into it.

      I’m excited because it’s very different from all the ornaments I’ve knit or crocheted in the past. It’ll be a little time capsule of my year in yarn :)

      Adding new ends to the pile, especially in one big group like this, was pretty fun :)

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