Almost FO

After 4 months and all my leftover yarn bits, my WestKnits Mash Up is being bound off!


I’m doing an Icelandic Bind Off.  I haven’t counted but it’s probably in the neighborhood of 500 stitches.  I’m about halfway.  It’s fun to finally see it stretched out, it’s been months since it fit comfortably on a 40″ cord.


I’ve combined pieces of my favorite Stephen West projects.  The main body is Dotted Rays.  I’ve given the edge a little flare, inspired by the Doodler.  The bottom border is a little bit Esjan.


I went a bit understated with the Esjan portion, lining up one big hole with each Dotted Rays hole.  You won’t see it until it’s blocked but there’s also a series of small YOs around each of the large holes.

Of course, there’s 100 ends to weave so this project may never make it to the blocking phase.  On occasion, I’ve done finishing work for hire.  This is something you couldn’t pay me to do though.  LOL.  I am curious what the ‘professional’ finisher would change for it.  I might go as far as a getting a quote.  Heck, if she works cheap, I might actually pay.

It’s an interesting discussion…what would I pay vs what would I charge too weave $100 ends.  Sadly, even as someone who knows the skill & time spent on a task like this, I would not pay as much as I would charge.  How about you?




  1. salpal1

    I agree – I would want to get paid more than I would pay. :-) And I am pretty good about paying well for hand made! As for ends – I don’t mind them. I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when they are done. But truth to tell, on a project like that, I would feel overwhelmed. I hope I would do them as I go along, but we know how that goes, lol. So the 5 a night idea is a good one. Or even one a night if that is what it takes to get you to not feel overwhelmed.

    Meanwhile, it is absolutely gorgeous, and you should be very proud of it!

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    1. FogKnits

      For a finishing project like this, I would totally quote a price high enough that it would easily rejected. LOL. Ya don’t get much work that way, but at least I wouldn’t have to do it.

      One end a day is completely do-able. Perhaps I can start slow and build up to a big finish!

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      1. salpal1

        Yeah – and if for some reason, you weren’t; rejected, then you would at least get paid a lot! I once worked with a client who was a contractor, and he was really good at kitchens, but he didn’t like doing them because they are so fussy and no two are alike. So he kept raising his prices fro cabinets, and he kept getting more and more orders, until all he was doing was kitchens! Turns out he had built a reputation for quality, and people were willing to pay anything and wait any amount of time to have HIM do their kitchens. He liked earning the big bucks, so he did it. I want to be that knitter.

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      2. salpal1

        know, right? I read on a forum about Bergdorff’s or someplace charging NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a machine knit sweater. Seriously. I would knit a custom one fro a lot less than that. $500 sounds sweet. :-)


  2. Paula @ Spin a Yarn

    Why don’t you pay yourself to weave them in? Decided what you think is a fair price and then as you weave in each end, move money over to your savings account…or pay yourself in cash and watch the money pile up. At the end, reward yourself with more yarn :)

    I’m currently working on a Rainbow Blanket and had two full sets completed. The ends were out of control…so I went ahead and weaved them in during my knitting group meetup. I know it’s too late for this project; however something to think about in the future!


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