New Knitting Classes Start This Week

Learn to KnitThis Fall@JCCSF (1)There’s still time!  New classes start this week and there’s a couple spots left!

Knitting 101:  Learn to Knit

Start at the beginning with long tail cast on and learn the basics of continental knitting with this 7 week program!

Full Details on the JCC’s website…Click Here! 

Knitting 301:  Skill Building

This 7 week course is perfect to take you from a beginning knitter to an advanced beginner!  Each week, we’ll swatch and explore different topics including different cast ons & bind offs, cables, fixing mistakes, short rows and more!  I’m especially looking forward to this one!

Details can be found here!  Click for the JCC’s website! 

Actual knitting content coming soon!  I’ve got a few things being wrapped up!  One benefit of working on so many projects at once, they somehow sync up so a bunch of stuff gets finished at once!  I love that!  You’ll get to see it all very soon!

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