Month: April 2017

Weekend Yarn Shopping

Obviously, I don’t NEED yarn. My stash outgrew it’s 24″ x 24″ x 60″ cedar chest quite some time ago.  The good news is…yarn squishes!  There’s always room for more Superior Cashmere!  Especially when it’s 30% off!  And that green! How could I resist!?!  I bet 95% of all the green yarn I’ve ever owned […]


D’oh! (a sweater update)

Last week, I promised a sweater update. Today, I’ve got one. It’s not good news. There is going to be a frogging. Even worse, there’s going to be a frogging because I’m a dumbass.  I avoided writing this all weekend, hoping I’d come up with a positive spin for the situation. Unfortunately, there’s no way […]