WIP Wednesday – Finish it February!

I did it!  I made it to February with no new cast ons!  Whooo-hoo!

And so, Finish it February begins!

Making good progress on my Doodled Dotted Rays shawl.  It’s a Stephen West mashup, so far it’s part doodler and part dotted rays.  My wedges are getting big but I’m aiming for huge with this one!

There is still plenty of time for a 3rd pattern to be mashed in.  I’ve got it all figured out already.  It’ll be easy! <—Famous Last Words!


The Eyeball Shawl is growing too!  I’m finally working on the whites of my eye.  The construction is fun in it’s totally bizarre shaping.  And the yarn is super fun with it’s speckles!  There are so many amazing yarns out there.  I have a nice collection of them.  Somehow, it’s always the Tosh that ends up on the needles first.  These colors are just irresistible!

Now to keep this non-casting on momentum going!

Finish it February Tally…

Finishes:  0

New Cast Ons: 0

There’s no chance I’ll make it all month with no new cast ons.  I’m aiming to break even.  I think that is totally possible!  Anyone else going on a finishing frenzy this month?



  1. salpal1

    I had a finishing frenzy last week, now I am slow and steady on some WIPs – I hope to finish these two things this month, then maybe I will look around the basket and see what is hiding underneath before I cast on something new…

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  2. Olivia

    I wasn’t so lucky, at one point I had 5 projects going. Three of them were new. Knitting a crib size blanket on size 3 needles takes F O R E V E R, you have to distract yourself with a couple “quickies”.

    Liked by 1 person

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