FO Friday, now with more Cashmere

I have managed to squeak out the first FO of 2017!  No surprise, it’s a cashmere hat!

The yarn is from JoJoland.  They sell it as Sport Weight but it’s not.  I think they’ve labeled it that way to keep from scaring people off with the word ‘fingering’.

The pattern is a sequence knitting inspired design, so it’s more of a non-pattern.  I did a bit of 1×1 ribbing but after that it’s all knit 3, purl 2.   I would say it doesn’t get easier except I find asymmetric ribbing to be a challenge.  My brain knows what to do but my hands really want it to be K2, P2.   I picked an uneven sequence intentionally, to challenge my hands but also to up the texture.  K2, P2 has a certain predictability to it.   This particular texture appears a bit more random, even if it’s not.

I should call it my chaos theory hat.  A small  change — one stitch — has a bit effect and if you’re going to predict chaos, no better way to do it than knitting.  :)

There’s still 10 days until February but I feel a Finish It February coming on strong already!  I’m gonna try really hard to go all weekend without casting on!!  Wish me luck!



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