The Knit Goes On.

This is a blog about knitting, not politics so I won’t say much.  It’s hard to ignore this particular elephant though.  I’ll just say, I live in San Francisco and I love it here.  Any pre-conceived notions, any stereotypes you associate with ‘San Francisco Values’, they’re likely true about me.

Today’s one small, consolation, I know I’m in the right place and I’m surrounded by the right people.  The situation would be truly unbearable in any other case.

But, time is marching on so let’s pretend we’re interested in knitting today, shall we?

I spent yesterday handing out stickers and knitting.

I’m lucky enough to work a tiny precinct, not far from home.  We had 20 or so voters in line at 7 am for the start of polling.  The steady stream of voters lasted the first few hours.  Eventually, it petered out and knitting time appeared!  yaaaay!  By the time we were gearing up for the after work crowd, I had an FO!

blue and gold sleeves .jpg

Simple blue & gold sleeves!  I didn’t use a pattern, just knit a tube and left a thumb slit.  The yarn did all work here – Nerd Girl Yarns Bounce & Stomp.  I love the stripes.  They’re delightfully wonky.  Perfectly asymmetric, if you will.

I’m a bit sad they won’t be socks but I made them with my upcoming craft fair in mind!  (Shameless Self Promotion Alert!)  It’s at Prospect High School in Saratoga, Ca.  Google tells me their school colors are blue and gold.  The craft fair is put on as a fundraiser for the sports teams & the band!  No one has more school spirit than those kids!

If you’re in the area, come say hi, even if you can’t shop!  I have a feeling it’s could be as much of a trunk show as it is a craft fair!  It turns out, I’ve knit so many shawls I can’t wear them all, even if I try!  Even I’m surprised at how much stock I have for my booth!   I’m bringing lots of shawls with me!  It’ll be a great opportunity to try them all on and pet all the pretty cashmere!!  I’m looking forward to seeing all the pretties together for the day, if nothing else!


FO Friday – Freddy, Jr.


My little Freddy Krueger sweater is done and I love it!  The thought of an inappropriately dressed toddler cracks me up!  Of course, this could just be a christmas sweater.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be the scariest sweater of all time.


The scariest part of this sweater:  it’s acrylic!?!?  It’s sort of a no brainer for a kid sweater but I thumb my nose at standards and convention.  Kids can wear wool too.  There was a time when acrylic didn’t exist…kids had to wear wool.  I think everyone should wear wool.  Wool is magic.

No need for ranting though.  Acrylic was just what the doctor ordered here.

This time, I wanted very specific colors and they were most easily found in Berroco Comfort, a 50% acrylic/50% nylon blend.  I really enjoyed working with it.  It’s very loosely spun, so I suspect some people call it splitty.  Mostly, it’s soft and drapey.  I enjoyed it.

I’ve even wished I was doing an adult size because I kinda wanna wear this!  It’s just too good not to.

And it’s ready just in time for the  Prospect High Arts & Crafts Faire!  Next weekend, in Saratoga, Ca.  It’s my first craft fair so I have no idea what to expect!  I’m feeling well prepared though!  If you’re in the area, c’mon by and say hello!

The Freddy sweater will be for sale, along with my Etsy stock and lots of shawls that haven’t made it online yet!  If nothing else, I’m having fun doing inventory…turns out, I have a ton of knitwear that’s never seen the light of day.  Something for everyone…the sheer volume guarantees it!


WIP Wednesday – SOCKS!


I’m really excited about my sock progress!  I turned the heel!  It looks like a sock!

And it fits!  Whooooo-hoooo!


While this is the first sock I’ve ever knit for myself, I didn’t find it necessary to use a pattern.  I’ve knit enough booties, slippers and pseudo-socks to know what I’m doing, more or less.

I’ve opted for a short row heel in this sock.  It looks nice and it’s conceptually easy to execute.  Picking up those double short rows wraps on size 0 needles is a bit more difficult in practice though.  I sort of hated it.  I’ll definitely be trying out different heels in the future.

I know lots of you are sock fanatics…what’s your favorite heel?


Building Blocks Clue 4


The final Building Blocks clue is out.  I started making my own mods at the beginning of clue 3.  Why start following the pattern now?  I’ve gone way off track here.

Stephen has written the pattern with no edging.  Somehow I decided I really wanted to pick up 700+ stitches and do some sort of edge treatment.  After a little swatching, I’ve decided to go with what I’m calling a ‘stacked i-cord’.  I have no idea if this is actually a thing.  It seems like a good idea so I’m doing it.


There’s my first i-cord bind-off, up against one of the cast on i-cords.  I’ve got plenty of yarn to do ridges of each color.  I like the result so far.  I’ve just picked up stitches and done an i-cord bind off.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  I’m just gonna keep picking up and binding off i-cord style until I can’t take it anymore.  (which could be very soon.)


Even though I opted for the small sized shawl, It’s still plenty big.  If I wove in those last few ends, this shawl is done!  I’m fighting the urge the call it finished.

I have enough yarn leftover for a really pretty Dotted Rays!  I think my stacked i-cord could be really cool though?!?  It’s a toss up.  I’m really not sure what’s going to happen.