Distractions are Distracting.


I hope you all had a lovely long weekend.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one who had distractions!  0f030c23-6ef4-489d-9f5e-208d50be43de

The beauty of stockinette tubes is their simplicity.  Despite all those weekend distractions, there was still time for stockinette tube knitting.  Three Cheers for Stockinette Tubes!!  My second sock has grown significantly, heel turn #2 is imminent.  I’ll be wearing my own handknit socks in no time!! I can’t wait! and…

…my sweater body has reached completion.  I still haven’t given the sleeves enough thought.  It’s time though.  I’m pleased with my stripes so far but I’m still feeling like the canvas is a bit blank.   I want to do something to spice it up.   Funky asymmetric sleeves?  Fun yoke design?  Certainly not both.  I want to avoid cluttered.  Edit. Edit. Edit.

I’ve been going one step at a time, making little decisions that add up to one sweater.  I’m at the crossroads of cohesiveness now though.  I can’t be so haphazard anymore.  It’s time for proper planning.  I’m getting the colored pencils out.  Wish me luck!



  1. Maggienesium

    You couldn’t have been that distracted, that looks like the better part of a sweater to me :D

    Nothing beats handmade socks right now! I’m really missing those smaller stockinette tubes right now but maybe that will change once I’ll get to the tube part of my sweater…

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