There’s always a but.

Last we spoke, I was pleased with my progress.  I was patting myself on the back for a job well done (despite my lack of clear vision.)  It was all working out.  Everything was falling into place nicely but…

(there’s always a but…)

Somehow, my swatch and my actual knitting were drastically different, to the tune of 20″ of extra fabric in my sweater.  Apparently denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.  I knit a significant portion of the body before acknowledging that it was huge.

My inner process knitter was so excited to be let loose on a whole sweater of stockinette in the round, I just ignored the fact that I could barely keep my stitches on a 40″ needle.

Until about 2 am, when reality came knocking and I frogged the whole thing.  D’oh!


Oh well.  I cast right back on and got started.  Nothing else has changed, I just made a really big swatch, that’s all!  Today I’m working on my second green stripe.


I’m not loving it yet but I’m sure I will soon enough.  It’s just so hard to gauge a whole color block from two little rows.  One thing I am certain of…the wind has picked up a chill, this sweater can’t get here soon enough!


As always, and in spite of the previous flaws, I’m still pleased with it.  You can see my color change here and I’ve done a bit of waist shaping.  I’m not doing any math (I’d mess it up anyhow.), I’m just sort of eyeballing the last marker and deciding it’s time to do a decrease.  Or not.  I think I’m done with those decreases.

In the seed stitch edge you can see a stockinette stripe, that’s to mark the steek placement.  And you can also see evidence of my short row shaping.


The hem isn’t uneven because it’s hanging crooked.  I’ve intentionally added extra length to the back of the sweater with a series of short rows.  I love it.  It’s a tiny little bit of personalization.  I don’t want a sweater that rides up in the back.  DONE!  I can check that box!

Still haven’t decided about the sleeves though.  I may even be contemplating some colorwork in the yoke, that might be too much though.  Edit. Edit. Edit.  I don’t have to put all the ideas into one garment.   Sometimes I need to remind myself.



  1. littleblackdogsa

    Sorry you had to restart, but better this way, rather than a sweater that is to large and you never wear it. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. Try a bit of colourwork if you want to, I am sure it will be just as pretty as the rest of the sweater.
    Have fun. :)

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  2. madgeface

    Wow! It looks great so far and I really like the idea of knitting a sweater intuitively. I’m also someone who ends up casting on more than once for a project – I’d rather get it the way I want it than live with something I don’t like or that doesn’t fit. I’m excited to see your progress on this!

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    1. FogKnits

      Franklin Habit is doing a class at Stitches West this year: a Glorious Compendium of Techniques for Knitting without Tapes & Rules. The basic idea being we can live without patterns if we know some basic proportions. Of course, it sold out instantly but just knowing it’s out there and someone else endorses it, is enough to empower me!

      I feel confident in getting the right fit. I worry more about fashion. Fingers crossed that it all works out, I’m nearing the point of no frogging!

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  3. Maggienesium

    Nooooooo! I was in the same boat earlier this week. It wasn’t the gauge but I’d made a mistake way up in the raglan increases and everything was wonky. I didn’t frog though. I got a new skein of yarn, another set of needles and am desperately trying to catch up to the last attempt – because it’s freaking freezing on this side of the bay too! At this point I am much more excited about you sweater experiment than mine :)


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