A New Sweater

A little less conversation, a little more action.

My new sweater is finally on the needles.


After considering many options, I did what I always do and failed to make a decision.  It’s one thing to say I want to knit a sweater.  It’s something entirely different to have a pattern and matching yarn in hand and say I want to knit this sweater!  So how did I get stitches on the needle?

I started with the only known variable in this equation…Lopi!  Since my amazing Icelandic adventure, I’ve had a giant stash of Lett Lopi, the traditional Icelandic wool.  I’m a wool person.  I call it rustic (never scratchy).  It’s light weight and warm and it comes in approximately one zillion colors…What’s not to like about that?

Deciding on a color palate was challenging.  So many possibilities.  I made lots of piles, took lots of pictures, did the black and white photo contrast evaluation, lather, rinse, repeat.

Here’s the final decision.


Mostly.  (I reserve the right to change my mind!)

I couldn’t decide on a traditional Icelandic pattern.  I am going to use the traditional construction method though.  Bottom up, in the round, yoke neck, steeked cardigan.  That still doesn’t get stitches on the needle though.

Gauge swatch.  Easy enough.  A little math later, I had some basic numbers.  It’s still a bit of a blank canvas though.

I really want to do a crazy stripe lopi cardigan but that’s not this one.  This one is going to be more color block than stripe.  It’s still pretty plain though.

It’s gonna be cozy, so how do I up the cozy factor?  Add texture, add length, add a bit of shaping.  I started off with a wide seed stitch band.


And a beer.  Perfect.

Somehow along the way, I decided short rows needed to happen.  Way off in the future, when I shape the neck but also, here, near the beginning.  It’ll create a bit of extra length in the back and give it a lovely rounded sort of shape.

One at a time, I’m putting all sorts of little details together.

So far, I’m pleased.


Color change #1 is rapidly approaching.  I really hope I still like it after that!

I’m not worrying about it though.  I’m worrying about the sleeves.  What the heck do I do with them?  One solid color?  Do I match the body?  This is the downfall of bottom up.  The Sleeves need to be ready to go pre-yoke.  I haven’t ruled out the possibility of colorwork in the yoke.  That decision definitely effects the sleeves.  ACK!!  So many more decisions…if only I’d been able to make one single decision (pick a pattern), all this work would be done already.  D’oh!

The allure of my second sock is real, those decisions are all made.  And it’s the weekend, so anything could happen!  Hope you have a good one!  :)



  1. Maggienesium

    I am absolutely going to go get a pint to go with my sweater!
    This is probably the newbie in me talking, but I’ve always just looked at the yarn I have on hand, and then go with a pattern that calls for the same weight – which I’ve since learned is madness when it comes to sweaters but I do like to live dangerously…
    I’m really excited to see how your sweater turns out there’s so much nuance to it that it feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure. I say, make the sleeves different, there’s two of them so you don’t have to stick to one kind of color scheme :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FogKnits

      It hadn’t even occurred to me that the sleeves didn’t have to match each other?? How am I ever going to decide?? LOL. I keep trying to draw pictures but I’m terrible at it. Maybe I’ll give it another go with the sleeves.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maggienesium

        I’d head over to Tin Can Knits, they have a lot of sweater sketches and you can just print one and color it – it’s kind of how I decided to go about doing to stripes on mine :) And yes, my sleeves don’t match. One is going to be solid in the CC and have a few thin stripes at the cuff and the other will be striped but in the negative of the sweater. I might be having waaay too much fun with dreaming up of color schemes for a first sweater but we’ll see what happens…

        Liked by 1 person

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