FO Friday – Happy Yellow Hedgehog!

When it rains, it pours!  This has been a crazy week.  Election Day and serving as a pollworker, my next set of knitting classes started, tomorrow is the big craft fair day and I’ve been on the phone with recruiters about a potential job at Genentech.  Woweee!  My head doesn’t even have time to spin, it’s been so busy!   And yet, there’s still time to knit.

There’s always time to knit!  I finished up a last minute hat for the craft fair and adorned it with a couple of cute buttons!  They were total impulse purchase at the craft store a few weeks back.


I can’t think of a better talisman than a happy yellow hedgehog right now.  He’s got a prickly defense system at the ready but for now, he’s smiling and enjoying the company of a cute little mushroom.


I’ve been making signs for my booth too.  Hopefully their homemade-ness is endearing and not too childlike.  LOL.  I’m working with what I’ve got, which is a black & white printer and colored pencils.  Also, a glue stick.  I enjoy a good crafternoon, regardless of the outcome.

My Shawls & Scarves sign is my favorite, certainly the most elegant.   I used a bit of grey bamboo yarn to make an icord strap as a hanger for it.   And I think the it’s appropriate to have the Sale sign resemble knitted rainbow clown barf.  LOL.  Perhaps for the next one, I’ll change a few things up to have a more cohesive look.  For now, this is it!

Wish me luck!  I’ll surely update you as to how it went! (The job too…it’s a fast track sort of thing, I could be working in under two weeks, if it all works out!  Crazy!)



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