The Knit Goes On.

This is a blog about knitting, not politics so I won’t say much.  It’s hard to ignore this particular elephant though.  I’ll just say, I live in San Francisco and I love it here.  Any pre-conceived notions, any stereotypes you associate with ‘San Francisco Values’, they’re likely true about me.

Today’s one small, consolation, I know I’m in the right place and I’m surrounded by the right people.  The situation would be truly unbearable in any other case.

But, time is marching on so let’s pretend we’re interested in knitting today, shall we?

I spent yesterday handing out stickers and knitting.

I’m lucky enough to work a tiny precinct, not far from home.  We had 20 or so voters in line at 7 am for the start of polling.  The steady stream of voters lasted the first few hours.  Eventually, it petered out and knitting time appeared!  yaaaay!  By the time we were gearing up for the after work crowd, I had an FO!

blue and gold sleeves .jpg

Simple blue & gold sleeves!  I didn’t use a pattern, just knit a tube and left a thumb slit.  The yarn did all work here – Nerd Girl Yarns Bounce & Stomp.  I love the stripes.  They’re delightfully wonky.  Perfectly asymmetric, if you will.

I’m a bit sad they won’t be socks but I made them with my upcoming craft fair in mind!  (Shameless Self Promotion Alert!)  It’s at Prospect High School in Saratoga, Ca.  Google tells me their school colors are blue and gold.  The craft fair is put on as a fundraiser for the sports teams & the band!  No one has more school spirit than those kids!

If you’re in the area, come say hi, even if you can’t shop!  I have a feeling it’s could be as much of a trunk show as it is a craft fair!  It turns out, I’ve knit so many shawls I can’t wear them all, even if I try!  Even I’m surprised at how much stock I have for my booth!   I’m bringing lots of shawls with me!  It’ll be a great opportunity to try them all on and pet all the pretty cashmere!!  I’m looking forward to seeing all the pretties together for the day, if nothing else!



    1. FogKnits

      It’s an exceptionally versatile color…loads of sports teams, my sorority colors in college, then there’s all of sweden :) Unfortunately, like many indie dye jobs, it was a special occasion, limited edition type deal.

      The color is called ‘Take the Crown’ and was in honor of the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series last year. :)

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  1. salpal1

    I am glad you are in a loving place. And that you have knitting to save you. I live in the second district of Maine which got more national attention than ever, and while my county went against the grain, I definitely feel like I live in a land inhabited by aliens. I am knitting like a fiend – did about 6 inches of my top down sweater while I watched returns. I should run out of stash yarn before the inauguration.

    Good luck at the craft show – it sounds like loads of fun!

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  2. Paula @ Spin a Yarn

    I’m very proud to be a Bay Area Knitter too and am in shock with the way things turned out. I would have totally gone to visit your booth as it’s only a 30 minute drive for me. However, I’m leaving on Saturday for a three week trip. Good luck with your booth!

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