WIP Wednesday – SOCKS!


I’m really excited about my sock progress!  I turned the heel!  It looks like a sock!

And it fits!  Whooooo-hoooo!


While this is the first sock I’ve ever knit for myself, I didn’t find it necessary to use a pattern.  I’ve knit enough booties, slippers and pseudo-socks to know what I’m doing, more or less.

I’ve opted for a short row heel in this sock.  It looks nice and it’s conceptually easy to execute.  Picking up those double short rows wraps on size 0 needles is a bit more difficult in practice though.  I sort of hated it.  I’ll definitely be trying out different heels in the future.

I know lots of you are sock fanatics…what’s your favorite heel?



  1. Maggienesium

    I’m all about the Heel Flap. It’s really the only one I’ve knit so far (I’m only on my third pair of socks though so I’ll pass the salt) but it just makes sense to me. My next pair will be an Afterthought Heel and I’m way too excited about it. In theory, this means I can just keep replacing the toe and heel and thus have the socks forever.


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