Building Blocks Clue 4


The final Building Blocks clue is out.  I started making my own mods at the beginning of clue 3.  Why start following the pattern now?  I’ve gone way off track here.

Stephen has written the pattern with no edging.  Somehow I decided I really wanted to pick up 700+ stitches and do some sort of edge treatment.  After a little swatching, I’ve decided to go with what I’m calling a ‘stacked i-cord’.  I have no idea if this is actually a thing.  It seems like a good idea so I’m doing it.


There’s my first i-cord bind-off, up against one of the cast on i-cords.  I’ve got plenty of yarn to do ridges of each color.  I like the result so far.  I’ve just picked up stitches and done an i-cord bind off.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  I’m just gonna keep picking up and binding off i-cord style until I can’t take it anymore.  (which could be very soon.)


Even though I opted for the small sized shawl, It’s still plenty big.  If I wove in those last few ends, this shawl is done!  I’m fighting the urge the call it finished.

I have enough yarn leftover for a really pretty Dotted Rays!  I think my stacked i-cord could be really cool though?!?  It’s a toss up.  I’m really not sure what’s going to happen.





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