WestKnits MKAL Building Blocks, Clue 3


WestKnits’ MKAL Building Blocks Clue 3 has landed.   And it’s brought controversy with it!  I expected a reaction from the brioche section but that was widely accepted (thanks to the accompanying garter option, I suspect.)

Now that we’re into Clue 3 the rows are 450+ stitches long.  As written, the clue is long stretches of knitting with one row of purling thrown in.  The result is a single garter ridge on a bed of stockinette.  Think Boneyard Shawl.   Apparently this is too boring for some people.

For me, that’s exactly my kind of knitting.  My inner process knitter takes over and all is good.  Except somehow, this time, I wanted something different.  I wanted my colors to mix in a way that’s more complex.  So I changed it up (and didn’t cause one ounce of drama while doing it!)

I’m doing a non-repeating slip stitch pattern.  I say non-repeating because it started as the slip stitch section from Exploration Station.  That seems like the perfect substitute.  Somewhere along the way though, it took on a life of it’s own.  I just started slipping stitches at random, sometimes with the yarn in front, sometimes with the yarn in back.  Sometimes I knit row, sometimes I seed stitched a row.  Whatever happened…happened.


I might throw in color D for a few slip stitch rows but mostly, I think I’m ready for the edge.  This thing is going to be a monster!!  I’m super curious to see what the final clue has in store for us!



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