Building Blocks Clue 2


Building Blocks Clue 2, aka Knitting on Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  San Francisco to Upstate New York and back are two very long travel days.  I’m finally back from The Great Rhinebeck adventure!  I knit far more in motion on this trip than at rest.  The number of trains alone takes two hands to count.  The plane came first though!

After the planes, the train onslaught began.  The saving grace of NJTransit is those little ticket stub gizmos on the back of the seat.  They are perfect knitting bag hooks!

I packed super light this trip–only one knitting project.  It didn’t feel right.  Even going to a fiber festival, knowing I could get my fix easily, if I ran out of yarn, I was hesitant to take only one project.  Ultimately, it worked out and I could have even done a few more laps before the final landing at SFO.  I still have a few rows left before I’m truly done with Clue Two.  I’ll be ready for Clue 3 this evening though!  I’m thinking the next section might be a slip stitch pattern?

I will say, I was bummed to see brioche stitch in Clue 2.  UGH!  It’s lovely to look at and fun to squish but it’s a pain to knit.  More accurately, it’s a pain to fix.  The secret to my success isn’t being a perfect knitter.  I mess shit up all the time.  But I know how to fix it.  I drop stitches and make other small mistakes frequently.  That is not advisable with brioche.  Brioche stitch is not trivial.  I did not panic when I saw this though…


It was bound to happen.  I can’t pay attention constantly.  That’s just not a thing I do.  Knitting is a background activity for me, my focus wanders.   So there it is, a mistake that would have been trivial with any other stitch.  I think, that’s a half-worked stitch we’re looking at.  A stitch that was wrapped, but I missed when knit it, in effect, slipping the stitch with working it.

I studied it for a brief moment, kept calm and fixed it.  Thank goodness for two-color brioche.  If this was one color, I would have had no clue.  I started with what I knew, the turquoise ladder needed to be knit.  I guessed that the natural color ladder needed to be it’s hat.  That left the natural color yo on the needle as the yo on the subsequent row.  So, I made that happen.

And it worked out!  Now I want to knit a brioche shawl.

Must be something in the water back east because I also ordered size 0 needles for socks?!?  What is going on here??

Stayed tuned for the Rhinebeck Round Up!  It’s up next!


    1. FogKnits

      Of course, everything is up to the mood of the security agent but according to the printed rules, knitting needles of all shapes and sizes are allowed. You can even bring scissors these days, provided the blades are less than 3 inches long.

      In the last two years, the only stories I’ve heard of knitting being taken away were from Charles De Gaulle in Paris and Mexico City.

      That said, I always follow all of their stupid rules, quickly and orderly. My water bottle is always empty, my shoes are off, my pockets are empty, my toiletries are small and in the proper ziploc bag. I don’t give them any excuse to look twice at me.

      I’ve never had a problem. I knit on every flight.

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