FO Friday: MOAR Hats!

Over the past six weeks, I’ve knit 19 hats.  Keeping with the average, here’s this week’s three…

a pair of bulky randomly striped & textured hats and something cute for the kids


I think I’m finally making a dent in my odd ball stash!  A few more hats, a bit of creative rearranging, it’ll all fit into one bag!  It’s going to be a large bag, but still…this is amazing!  I don’t think my stash has ever, actually, gotten smaller.  Until now!   Just in time for Rhinebeck!

I’ve realized it’s just two weeks away!?!  My Rhinebeck sweater is not getting finished.  I’m contemplating frogging it even.  Crazy things happen when it’s the weekend.  Anything is possible :)


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