Twenty to Make: Knitted Flowers


At last week’s used book sale, I picked up this little dandy for $2.  I’ve always liked the idea of a bouquet of knit flowers.  I won’t ever do it, but it’s a nice idea!

No, what I’m envisioning is a hat, something fit for Carmen Miranda or Esther Williams.  So far, I’ve got a daffodil, a hibiscus and a peace lily.

I think maybe a water lily or a poppy next!  The order doesn’t really matter though.  I think this headwear masterpiece needs one of each!  Oh yes!

And somehow, it’s always the most ridiculous ideas I follow through on so this should be good :)


  1. salpal1

    that sounds like loads of fun to wear! And I can think of many hat patterns that NEED a flower over the ear…. do show us the poppy, I love them, and I bet a knitted one is gorgeous. Then I will be bothering you to tell me how to find the pattern of course. :-)

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