The Freddy Problem


Turns out the Freddy problem isn’t much of a problem at all.  Thanks to everyone who had sizing suggestions last week!  I read all the links, measured carefully and promptly decided to ignore what appeared to be facts.

My armhole depth was theoretically, long enough.  I ripped back and added a few more rows anyhow.  I think the appearance was throwing me because it’s a bit wider than the standard garment.  That was by choice.  I hadn’t thought of the downstream effects though.  Now the sleeves are going to look a bit skinny, in comparison.  Oh well.

It think it’s all good.  It still looks like a sweater.  It’s not as though I’ve added a third sleeve or a second neckline.  So…I press forward!  It’s gonna be so cute!


  1. Olivia

    You make me laugh, I have so many times looked at a partially finished project, said that can’t be right, ripped out only to put it all back. Such is knitting. But perhaps you’ve given the garment your will to work through a problem and that will transfer to the wearer. It looks perfect by the way.

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