Armhole Depth

I picked up the Freddy Krueger sweater again.  It’s a very basic raglan shaped, stockinette stitch sweater.  I’m not following a pattern, just making it up as I go.  It should be a no brainer.  Naturally, this means I’m over-thinking it.  Or am I?


It looks okay at first glance.  Upon closer inspection though, I think the armholes need to be deeper?


I know for myself, a 9″ raglan line gives me a comfortable armhole depth.  I, also, know, that given my gauge, I typically have to work a few rows even before I divide for the sleeves, when working from a pattern.  I’m wondering if I should have done the same thing here.

I have no idea what the proper measurements should be for children’s sizes though?  This particular measurement doesn’t appear in many patterns.  I tried to do some research.  I found one pattern with a schematic that went as far as indicating the measurement, labeling it with an abbreviation for easy reference and then failed to give any actual measurements??  Seriously? Why do all that work and not follow through?

Anyone have suggestions?  I’d love some sort of size chart to refer to but a quick eyeball from toddler parents is just as good.  I’m aiming to fit a 2 year old.  I think that armhole is too short.  I think I need to rip back and add at least an inch before the sleeve divide.  I don’t think I can mess it up by making it larger.  I wouldn’t want a baggy armpit on an adult sweater but given the mechanics of dressing a child, a bit extra is even a good thing.

What do you say, knitting blog hive mind?  Are we in agreement?  I’d rather rip back and get it right than have a cute sweater that doesn’t fit.  :)


  1. cara_mia

    Is there some kind of ratio that you can use? Where, for example, the ratio of armpit distance to torso length would be the same no matter the size of the sweater? That seems too logical, it probably doesn’t work out that nicely.

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    1. FogKnits

      I’m sure there is a magic formula, even if math doesn’t explain it, that’s what my eye is recognizing. Probably doesn’t help that it’s a little wider than usual, that’s throwing off my visual reference.


      1. FogKnits

        Nice idea but I don’t like her percentages. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s percentage system is what I tend to go by. I’ll have to read a bit closer and see if she gives a yoke depth or an armhole depth. I don’t recall that she does.


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