High Fashion Knitting

I’ve got another hat to share today.  I’ll admit, it’s not terribly creative.  I didn’t create a mood board, sketch it out or make a single swatch.  NO, I just stole it.  And that’s not really cool.  So let me at least share my inspiration and give credit to the amazing folks who’s brilliant design work brought me to this place.

I’m making all these hats in preparation for the fall and holiday craft fair season.  I’m hoping to find customers who appreciate quality hand crafted goods and are willing to pay for it.  As such, I’m looking for inspiration in high end places, like Barney’s.  You know, the luxury department store out of New York City.  Much of Barney’s knitwear is hand knit and they love luxury fibers like cashmere just as much as I do.  Me & Barney’s, we’re a match made in heaven.  I think you’ll agree.

Without further ado, my Barney’s inspiration…


I hope you weren’t drinking anything just now, I feel bad if you’re now cleaning your screen :)  But really, this is actually something you can buy, right now, today.  It’s only $1700.   You might think I misplaced a decimal point but no, I’ve checked several times.  It’s not $17.00, it really is $1700.  Clearly, you see why I’d want to knock this off.  (by which I mean stop it, Barney’s, you’re adding fuel to the crazy knitter lady with no taste fire.)

But still, in actual crazy knitter lady style, I knit this…

I figure I should be able to get $300-$350 for it?!?!!  Although, I should probably give myself a little bit of credit…I was smart enough keep the back flat.  No weird pom-pom bulge on the back of my hat.  $1700 for a sweater that’s uncomfortable to sit down in??

I’m keeping my price so low for a couple reasons, the stolen design is one of them but I didn’t even make my own pom poms.  They’re set right into the yarn — Ella Rae Pompe.  It doesn’t get easier than that!

And now, I need to cleanse my palate a bit.  I’m thinking cables?  I don’t have any cabled hats in my stock pile yet!  I’d love to hear your thoughts & craft fair experiences.   I have plenty of thoughts & ideas of my own, but they aren’t based in reality…(yet!)


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