More New Hats!

Time marches on, so does my knitting!  One long weekend = two new hats!

First a simple striped beanie with a fun twist…I randomly placed YOs and then embroidered them with a contrast color.   If that’s really embroidery.  Whatever you call it, it was a fun idea and I even like the outcome but I hated doing it.  Many ends to weave and the sewing was a complete pain in the butt.  I have no idea what makes the repetition of knitting pleasant to me but the repetition of other tasks a chore.  This falls easily into the chore category.

So to cleanse my palate, a no brainer.

A square baby hat, with a roll brim, no shaping, just finished off with a three needle bind off and a couple of knotted i-cords.  Easy Peasy!  And now, I’m going to work on one of my languishing WIPs.  Maybe :)


    1. FogKnits

      The yarn is Colinette’s Cadenza in color Paint Box. They do that color on all their bases, unfortunately they’ve changed distribution so you can only get it directly from the company–in the UK, with expensive shipping. I’m glad I snagged a skein when I could but I’m definitely wishing I had more of it!


    1. FogKnits

      It’s super easy to do! Feel free to steal the idea! :) The color combos and the patterning layouts are endless! And of course, the embroidery details offer a zillion options as well! If I liked to embroider more, I’d make the eyelets flower centers, adding leaves & petals.


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