Knit ALL the Things

My Stash exploded yesterday!  There was no use fighting it.  I’m considering Starburst, the latest from Stephen West.  I haven’t figured it out yet though.  I did some swatching.


There’s some good parts but nothing I can commit to yet.  I’m gonna sleep on it for a few days.  I was still in a cast on mood though.  A less than successful swatch does not even begin to scratch the cast on itch.


SO…I started my next sweater!  I swatched a month ago and I’ve been threatening to start it ever since.  Once it got on the needles though, I was promptly ready to ignore it.   So I started a new hat too!  Why not?  It’s nearly done already!  If that wasn’t justification enough…I finished my Muh-Muh shawl!  More on that tomorrow :)

In the meantime, I’m gonna cast on a few more things…gotta be ready for the impending 3-day weekend, after all!

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