WIP Wednesday – Muh Muhs


I’ve had this yarn for nearly two years (Taria Tweed from Plymouth, a lovely wool, silk & llama blend!)  I wound it at the shop before it even came home with me.

I took myself on a birthday yarn buying spree but I tried to buy with intent, instead of the usual impulse shopping.  I picked the pattern and even found someone who had used the same yarn on Ravelry.  Muh-Muhs, it hit all the right notes, half circle shape, garter stitch, stripes, only a tiny bit of lace.

It only took me until May to set up my ravelry page and another 3 months after that to actually cast it on.  I finally did it though.  I was having an ‘I don’t have anything to knit moment’.  It’s worse than an ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ while standing in a closet full of clothes moment.   And so…


I still don’t have anything to knit though.  I may have to start another sweater this week.  I did swatch for two pre-Olympics, after all.  It’s only Wednesday…anything can happen!


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