WIP Wednesday – Current Favs


The reality of 10 WIPs at once is most of them are actually being ignored.  The proverbial time out corner.  The back of the chair is the stuff that will most likely get finished.  The green project bags are my favorite to carry, so you’re likely to find my most active projects in them.  Today is no exception!


First, my beaded Hitchhiker…nearing the end!  The beads are an interesting modification to a classic design.  The workflow suits me, 6 mindless garter rows, a (yo, k2tog) row and then one row of focused attention adding the beads.  It’s been more of a go-to project than I expected.  I’m up to 32 teeth and I haven’t run out of beads yet.  I’m currently betting the yarn will run out first.   The end is in sight, either way!


The other project getting love this week, my Rockefeller.  It was on a bit of a hiatus but it’s happily back in business!

I’m currently slogging away on the 300+ stitch i-cord bind off.  Worth the effort but worthy of a little gripe too!  An hour at the beach the other day, an hour at knit night, an hour this morning…persistance is paying off.  I WILL get there.  And the next section tapers into a point…no bind off!  So I’m just getting the obligatory complaint out now :)  (don’t worry, I’m still saving the ‘oy! look at all these ends to weave complaint’ for later! )  The yarn is Sylph from Jade Sapphire, a cashmere-linen blend!  There will be no complaints when I’m finally wearing this one!

The Ravellenic Games (aka the knitting olympics) begin Friday, I’m fairly certain I can make it until then without casting on something new.  :)




    1. FogKnits

      I adore those project bags, called GoKnits from KnowKnits. Sadly, the company has just closed. There’s still a lot of shops with stock, everyone got one last order in. It’ll be a sad day when they aren’t available anymore!

      The strap has a snap, so it’s perfect for hanging on the back of a chair, the strap of a bag or my other favorite…a belt loop!

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  1. salpal1

    I love how that hitchhiker is looking – I think my red shawl that has yarn but no pattern yet will be a lace version of the Hitchhiker – not sure about beads yet, but will definitely keep it in mind. :-) I wore my leftie shawl yesterday (it’s freezing at work, so in AUGUST I am wrapped in thick wool shawls) and sat looking at it thinking about where I would put the lace and beads next time I knit one. You are inspirational :-)

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    1. FogKnits

      A Leftie with beads along the center of the leaf would be lovely. Might be a little complicated with the short rows? I’ve done one Leftie, I should definitely do another!

      Although, have you seen Martina Behm’s latest release? It’s awesome! The same ‘boomerang’ shape as Leftie or Hitchhiker but along the edge this one has a ruffle that spirals. It’s really neat…the ruffle is attached for several rows, then the next several rows it’s not attached to the main body. That’s where the spiral is inserted, then the next few rows it’s attached again.

      It’s called DNA or something related.


      1. salpal1

        I will have to check that out… sounds interesting. She always does amazing things with simple forms.

        Yes, beads on the leaf would be lovely, and you are right, not quite sure how to get them there. Alternatively, I could bead the outline of the leaf, or the long return row coming back from the leaf.

        Have you seen Maryann Holmes (slipped stitches on Ravelry) latest baby sweater pattern? She has designed a simple but really interesting short row striped sweater. Hers is for little kids, but every time I look at it I think me-sized sweater, with the stripes going around the back, too. Or on the sleeves. or as a cardigan. It is a simple sweater but I love it. A kind of leftie sweater, as it were.

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      2. FogKnits

        Had to check it out, it’s a cute sweater! A bit like Stephen West’s Outer Space (or enchanted mesa) sweater…short row shaping at the top and bottom.

        it’s on my mind because it’ll be my ravelympics and I’m casting it on later this afternoon!

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      3. salpal1

        I looked at Ravellenics, but I had JUST cast on the 4 shawls, and am thinking about a sweater KAL so did not want to jump into yet another big project. :-)


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