Hello and Welcome to all the new followers out there!

Last week, I got an email from Ben the WordPress Editor.  He told me he didn’t knit but he found my knitting photos ‘inviting and engaging’.  He wasn’t just blowing sunshine up my skirt either, I was going to be an editor’s pick over at WordPress Discover.  And suddenly, there’s a whole gaggle of new readers.  Welcome, Welcome!  It’s lovely having you.

Introductions can be so awkward!  I’ll go first…My name is Emily, I like to knit.  I live in San Francisco, where it is frequently foggy.  I really like that.  I like to knit in public.  Things like this happen … golden gate bridge baker beach knitting shawl in progress westknits stephen west rockefeller mkal

I’ve got a completely incurable case of Castonitis.  Despite repeating ‘I’m not going to cast on’ as if it were my mantra, things like this happen (at an alarming rate)…

I have a strict 10 WIP policy.  Although, there’s been a slight policy adjustment, a new corollary, if you will.  If cast on and bind off occur in the same day, it will not count towards the 10 WIP limit.  So far, so good.  I reserve the right to draft new corollaries as necessary.

I don’t usually classify myself a shawl knitter because I like to knit many things.  I do knit a lot of shawls though.  I’m especially fond of WestKnits.

I also knit a lot of hats.  Big fan of instant gratification.

Mostly, I just like to knit.  (to be read:  i hate purling).  I’m predominately a process knitter.  As long as the needles are clicking, I’m good.

You can find me in all the usually places as FogKnits, Ravelry (i’m slightly obsessive about my project pages),Etsy (a couple patterns, mostly ready-to-wear knits), Instagram (not sure this link will actually work.

So, thanks for stopping in and come back tomorrow, I’ve got WIPs & FOs of all sorts to share this week!  Say hi in the comments, I look forward to meeting you all!



  1. CIL Creations

    Congratulations!!! :) Your photos are really great! If I have 3 WIP’s I will not start another until I finish one. I found out if I have more than the 3 I will never finish any of them! I will work on one and put it down, work on another, put that one down and eventually I end up throwing at least one project in a bag and sticking it in the closet to be seen in the distant future!

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  2. thenaughtybun

    Hello! I’m Berte, a naughty bun (or so my aunt thought, as she was the one who gave me the nick when I was a wee one. My second summer, I think), and I am a maker of all kins of things. Must make to stay sane, love to knit – but a) I’m not a fast knitter, and b) I have this need to reinvent the wheel. All the time. Patterns are for wimps, or something…

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