FO Tuesday — The ABBA Hat


For my next trick, I present back-to-back crochet FOs!   There’s not much to say about this one.  It’s a quickie custom job I picked up, being in the right place, at the right time.  It was a kit.  I followed the instructions.

Okay, I made a couple little mods, went up a hook size and tweaked it to work in a spiral rather than rows.  Trivial stuff.

The fun part of this project is where it came from…Sweden!  ABBA: The Museum to be exact!


This is Agnetha’s ‘Famous’ Blue Hat from the Waterloo video!  They sell the kit at the Abba museum in Stockholm.  I love everything about this.  I definitely would have bought this.  I think every museum should have hat kits in the gift shop!

And now, Dance Break!


Don’t worry, there are sequins for this hat…it will be authentic.  They’re glued on, so the gentleman who commissioned my services is going to handle that part himself!

I had planned to put my hooks away for a bit but this was fun, I’m thinking I may have to hunt up some blue yarn & sequins to make one of my own.  LOL!   My craft card should be revoked if I can’t find sequins in my apartment!  I know they’re here somewhere…




  1. Cindy Goble

    You posted this 4 years ago but I’m hoping this is still active. My daughter went to the Abba museum last year and bought this same hat kit. Of course, she asked me to make this. I’ve been working on it for over a month and have started over at least 15 times. I have the instructions from the kit but I must be missing something. Would you be willing to share your instructions? I would be forever thankful. Yours looks perfect!


    1. FogKnits

      Sorry, I did this as a commission for someone who had the kit, after I finished the hat, the instructions went back with it. I vaguely recall the instructions were sparse, I might be able to help you tease out the issue though. Feel free to drop my an email, emilyinsf at gmail dot com


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