Luca Baby Sweater

The secret knitting parade continues today with a baby sweater — Luca, from Berroco!


When it comes to babies, sweaters are my go-to.  This one was a no brainer.  The yarn is Berroco Comfort, soft, soft, soft for new babies and easy care for moms!  The pattern is from a Berroco pamphlet and this is the sample garment in many shops.  Samples really work!  They couldn’t have made it easier, 2 balls of yarn makes all the sizes.  No yarn chicken here!

As usual, picking buttons was a lengthy process.  The new baby is a boy so I wanted something fun without being too cutesy.  I had something particular in mind — even with a vast selection of button shops in San Francisco, I didn’t find it.  I wanted fish but I couldn’t find any that meshed.  Everything I found seemed to distract rather than compliment so I stuck with the basics.


Let’s face it, no one is going to be looking at the sweater anyhow!  And if, by some slim chance, someone glances away from the new baby cuteness to notice the sweater, I want credit for doing the work…not the buttons!

I enjoyed this yarn so much that I picked up the appropriate colors to make baby’s first Freddy Krueger sweater next!  That one is going to be fun!   Before then, there’s one more day of secret knitting to reveal tomorrow.


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