Secret Knitting Revealed!

The secret is finally out and I can reveal my secret knitting projects!


My weekly knitting group has been together for 7 years.  We’ve done all sorts of yarn swaps & white elephant exchanges but it occurred to us that no one ever knits for knitters.  We put an end to that!   At the holiday party, in December, we pick names and knit something for that person.  We exchanged gifts at our anniversary party last night!

It’s a fun challenge picking the perfect project for someone else.  I picked a long, lightweight stole.  The real inspiration for this project is the yarn, Lace Lux from Lana Grossa.  It’s sadly discontinued but I did stock up on a few colors!  It’s one of those unspun tube yarns with loose fibers blown into it.  The result is super lightweight and airy!   Knit it up on a size 10 needle and you’ve got a gorgeous, shiny, gauzy, elegant garment.

The pattern, Wrapped in Lux, couldn’t be any easier!  It’s just a long stockinette stitch rectangle.  The end result is super versatile.  Perfectly simple or simply perfect?  Either way, it was well received by Harriet.  It fits her style (which is a shame, I wanted her to hate it so I could have it back!).

Tomorrow, I’ll share the gift I got…it’s brioche!  I love it, I certainly wouldn’t have done it myself!


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