Weekend Round Up


The yarn was flying this weekend…I finished 3 hats since we last spoke!  Everything lined up just right…a perfect trifecta of inspiration, determination and free time!  I finished up the first Phish hat,


and cast on another hat, right away.  I didn’t really have a plan.  Plans never work out anyway.  I really don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next.


With my hat nearing completion, I got out the graph paper and started tinkering with the Phish logo.  Why not?  I think I got pretty close.


It’s another of the large designs, making it hard to photograph but I think the kids on the lot will approve.  As usual, I’d make some changes doing it a second time.  I’m optimistically calling this a prototype.  We’ll see if I ever get back around to it.  Because of course, I had the next hat cast on already.


My hands wanted to keep going but my brain couldn’t possibly come up with a second non-plan that was so perfect.  Enter sequence knitting, this is exactly the scenario sequence knitting was made for.  Don’t have a plan?  That’s okay, don’t need one!  I grabbed the nearest yarn and off I went.  Turns out, not having a plan is a plan that works for me.  At least this weekend.

And now, my hands rest.  I might even go to the beach.  I did ‘work’ all weekend, after all!







  1. Marco Egizi

    Hello! You wouldn’t happen to have a clearer photo of the Phish logo pattern would you? I’m making gifts for some phantom and I’m really struggling with the logo. Thanks!


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