Summer Tour

School is out.  Summer Solstice has passed.  Summer is in full swing.  That means summer tours are finally underway!  This summer I’m immortalizing yet another band with my knitting needles!  I’ve got a new hat in progress and I’m really loving it so far!


It’s a rather acceptable use of Pantone’s horrible dual color of the year choice.  I’m completely not hating it!







The inspiration behind this hat is Jon Fishman, the dress-wearing drummer, of jam band Phish.  I don’t know why he wears a dress covered in pink donuts but it makes for a fun hat, at any rate!

I’m speeding through it, so I’ll be done well in advance of Phish’s stop in San Francisco, the one place a hat may be necessary all summer!  Once again, I’m quite pleased with myself for having the right idea at the right time.  Timing is everything!

It’s also a convenient time to be inspired by a man in a dress!  It’s pride weekend in the bay area!  Hope everyone has a safe, fun and accepting weekend!



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